BLOG-8th April to 19th April

  Subjects Content for Blog Mathematics Standard               Extended We started a new unit of statistical analysis by learnt about different types of data, and revised measures of central tendencies. We engaged in an active class discussion on our prior knowledge of statistics, related concepts and debatable issues around […]

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25th March-5th April

  Mathematics Standard                         Extended In last few weeks we were introduced to the new unit 3D geometry. We discussed the inquiry questions in detail. We made nets of all basic 3D shapes to derive the formula for total and curved surface area of […]

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BLOG-25th Feb to 8th March

  Subjects    Content for Blog Mathematics  Standard  Extended We have been exploring the concept of bearings in trigonometry, which has extended our understanding of the application of trigonometry. We attempted a formative assessment on bearing and similarity concepts – both these topics have been interesting to explore and with each new problem we have developed […]

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BLOG 11th FEB to 24th FEB

  Subjects     Content for Blog Mathematics Standard             Extended   This month, we continued our unit based on trigonometry. We explored all six trigonometric ratios and understood their application in real life. We participated in an activity using clinometers made by us. We measured different angles and found out […]

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  Mathematics Standard       Extended We started this term by reflecting on the areas of mathematics we need to improve in. We set our goals and made resolutions to help to improve our math skills. Our current unit revolves around triangles and their measurements. We began the unit by discussing and creating inquiry […]

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BLOG-29th October to 16th November

  Mathematics     (Standard)     (Extended)       We learnt about quadratic equations and brushed up our knowledge on finding the roots of the quadratic function by Factorization and Discriminant method. We also learned how to find the coordinates of the vertex and finding the equation of the axis of symmetry by […]

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Blog-08th October to 19th October

  Mathematics: Standard     Extended         We practiced various questions based on range and domain. We learned elimination and substitution method to solve simultaneous equations. We also learned and practiced to factorise quadratic functions. Aanya Chowbey In our previous two weeks, we have learnt inequalities and revised word problems of coordinate […]

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  Mathematics   (Standard)     (Extended)       We understood the concept of domain, range and co-domain. We used different functions to find the same using mapping diagrams, set representations and graphs. We also discussed the vertical line test and solved linear functions f(x) = mx+c, clearly identifying relations and functions. We made presentations on […]

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Mathematics (Standard)     (Extended)   We learnt about various lines in space and applied the distance formula and mid-point formula to real life situations. We appeared for a formative to assess our learning. We were able to use the ATL reflection to set goals for ourselves.   We discussed the meaning of space diagonal for […]