BLOG-29th October to 16th November

  Mathematics     (Standard)     (Extended)       We learnt about quadratic equations and brushed up our knowledge on finding the roots of the quadratic function by Factorization and Discriminant method. We also learned how to find the coordinates of the vertex and finding the equation of the axis of symmetry by […]

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Blog-08th October to 19th October

  Mathematics: Standard     Extended         We practiced various questions based on range and domain. We learned elimination and substitution method to solve simultaneous equations. We also learned and practiced to factorise quadratic functions. Aanya Chowbey In our previous two weeks, we have learnt inequalities and revised word problems of coordinate […]

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  Mathematics   (Standard)     (Extended)       We understood the concept of domain, range and co-domain. We used different functions to find the same using mapping diagrams, set representations and graphs. We also discussed the vertical line test and solved linear functions f(x) = mx+c, clearly identifying relations and functions. We made presentations on […]

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Mathematics (Standard)     (Extended)   We learnt about various lines in space and applied the distance formula and mid-point formula to real life situations. We appeared for a formative to assess our learning. We were able to use the ATL reflection to set goals for ourselves.   We discussed the meaning of space diagonal for […]


August-Week 3 and 4 -Blog

      Mathematics (Standard)       (Extended)   We learnt about various points and lines in space. We learnt how to change the subject formula and substitute various values. We also took an online assessment to monitor our progress. We are looking forward to attempting our weekend tasks using AssessPrep interface.   We […]

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01st AUGUST TO 17th AUGUST 2018

Mathematics (Standard) We started the academic session by recapitulating the concept of linear equation in two variables and appeared for a benchmarking assessment. We participated in a collaborative activity to solve the equations graphically and algebraically. We discussed inquiry and purpose of our first unit ‘Coordinate Geometry’. We learned about the derivation of distance formula, midpoint […]

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